Taking Stock November

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Just before we all start the countdown to Christmas I thought I would do a taking stock for November. Its been a busy few weeks but with all my test and assignments finally over I am glad to be blogging again. I even had time to go for a walk today with my mum and brothers and take these photos. I hope you enjoy reading this months taking stock, full credit to Pip from Meet Me At Mikes who's idea this is.

Making : felt bugs in my art class. 
Drinking : mineral water. 
Reading: The Hunger Games again before I see the final movie. I'm so excited!
Wanting: it to be the summer holidays. 
Looking:forward to watching Creed (a.k.a Rocky 7)
Playing: Alessia Cara's album Four Pink Walls. 
Deciding: what too buy my Secret Santa. 
Wishing: for cooler days. 
Enjoying: reading again, I've read six books in the last two weeks alone. 
Waiting: for Christmas, it can't come soon enough. 
Liking: Saturday nights, 'Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow' and 'Live At The Apollo' is on. 
Wondering: what to get my family and friends for Christmas. 
my 'tree of life' necklace I received for my birthday. 
Pondering:what to blog about next week. 
Considering: getting 
Buying: a new kikki.k weekly diary for next year. 
Watching: Blackadder Goes Forth, it's hilarious. 
Hoping: it won't rain this Christmas. 

Cringing: at a short horror movie we watched in my video production class.
Needing: new headphones. 
Questioning: why this is so difficult. 
Smelling: spaghetti before I even reach the front door.  
Wearing: my Harry Potter Gryffindor top, I love it so much. 
Following: no one recently, I'll need to change that. 
Noticing: that there is a lot of symmetry in the movie Cinderella. 
Knowing: I will have to eventually make my bed today. 
Thinking: about getting a haircut. 
Admiring: people who can braid hair. I've been trying to learn with little successes. 
Sorting:and cleaning out my desk as well as old school things. 
Getting: ready for my ballet concert. 
Bookmarking: websites to revisit. 
Coveting: a new watch, my old one stopped working ages ago. 
Disliking: going to the dentist. 
Opening: a bag of old tutu's at ballet, sadly they were all too small for me. 
Giggling: at a show my dad introduced me too, "Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em".
Feeling: relaxed. 
Snacking: on ice cream. 
Helping: my mum get ready for her market. 
Listening: to The Beatles again, its been a while. A Little Help From My Friends is playing as I write this its such a great song. 
Such fun!
Leni xo


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