Saturday, 24 October 2015


This will definitely be the 'catch up' post as I seemed to have lost my blogging rhythm these past few weeks. It's good to be back. 

Firstly I am now officially 15 years old. YAY! The celebration of my birth into this world last week was very exciting; consisting of presents, cake and birthday messages written on windows , but to top it all off yesterday I was in the same room as Russell Brand. (Of course with another 6000 or so people but I tried not to think about that). With my dad and family friend we went and saw his comedy show 'Trew World Order'. 

Russell Brands combination of humour, intelligence and leather have made him one of my favourite comedians. I was so exciting to be able to go to see his show, it was hilarious and did not disappoint. 

I have also been on the search for new music to listen too and hit the jack pot after watching The Graham Norton Show. Gabrielle Aplin was performing her latest single 'Sweet Nothing' of her new album Light Up The Dark. Already being a fan of her music I got the album and fell in love with it immediately. She is such an amazing artist and I love how it is a different style from her previous album English Rain. I've been listening to her non stop and recommend everyone else do the same. 

It has been an eventful few weeks and with things to come I hope to be blogging again soon.

Such fun!
Leni xo 


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