Taking Stock August

Sunday, 23 August 2015


I know it's been awhile since I've done a Taking Stock, I've been so busy I skipped July! I also thought I would add a quick life update. My new term at school has started and I am loving all my subjects especially art and history.  I have also added another singer to my favourites list, Macklemore. I am absolutely loving his music especially when they have an important message or story behind them. I hope to get back into a rhythm with my blog post starting with Taking Stock August with credits to Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. 

Drawing : insects, more information next week. 
Drinking : tea still. 
Reading: nothing at the moment, any suggestions?
Wanting: more records, two is just not enough.
Looking: for a cool Periodic Table poster.

Playing: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Deciding: if I should go to a birthday party or not.
Wishing: my brother Peter a happy name day for last week. 
Enjoying: being in my bedroom, I redecorated it recently.
Waiting: for the Absolutely Fabulous movie to come out. 
Liking: a new Australian tv series, Utopia
Wondering: what to read?
Loving: the song 'Growing Up' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ed Sheeran. 
Pondering: what song to learn for guitar. 
Considering: guitar lessons.
Buying: a lot of Cheery Ripe, I can't help it it's my favourite. 
Watching: The Office UK, its so awkward I love it. 
Hoping: this summer won't be too hot (though I seriously doubt it).
Marvelling: at comedians. 
Cringing: at the amount of maths homework I get. 
Needing: to practise guitar more. 
Questioning: peoples decisions. 
Smelling: chocolate scones. YUM!
Wearing: jeans and a grey jacket.
Following: mum around the house to give her hugs. 
Noticing: how quickly time passes. 
Knowing: its okay not to enter Trop Jr this year.
Thinking: about my birthday coming up. YAY!
Admiring: people who can sing.
Sorting: through old photos, its amazing how much you forget. 
Getting: ready for school test. 
Bookmarking: my maths text book.
Coveting: the swan hat from Mirror Mirror, when would I wear it who knows.
Disliking: pins and needles.
Opening: a lot of tabs on Google for an assignment. 
Giggling: at Will and Grace.
Feeling: absolutely fabulous sweetie darling.
Snacking: on popcorn. 
my mum make Yianni's book character parade costume, he's going as Hairy McLarry. 
Hearing: Bon Jovi 'You Give Love a Bad Name' as I type this.  

Please feel free to join in on Taking Stock by visiting here for a blank template.

Such Fun!
Leni xo


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