Taking Stock May

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Its that time of the month time for taking stock. I am really loving this process because it really makes me think about what's going on around me and what I'm feeling. Thanks Pip!

Making : an artist book.
Drinking : tea again.
Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird.
Wanting: new socks.
Looking: forward to starting my film for Trop Jr this year.
Playing: the Black Sabbath, Paranoid album over and over again.
Deciding: on my subjects for next term, history or guitar?
Wishing: for Ed Sheeran tickets.
Enjoying: staying at home.
Waiting: for my french test results.
Liking: my new headband from the Finders Keepers markets.
Wondering: why it's so cold when it isn't even winter yet.
Loving: super heroes.
Pondering: what music to pick for my Trop Jr short film. 
Considering: redecorating my room.
Buying: pointe shoes from Bloch.
Watching: The Avengers and Iron Man.
Hoping: for the best, preparing for the worst and unsurprised by anything in between- Maya Angelou.

Marvelling: over the animation of Corpse Bride.
Cringing: over horror movie trailers.
Needing: a hot water bottle.
Questioning: why I don't have a time-turner to do more subjects.
Smelling: like my Immediately Yours Beckham perfume.
Wearing: cheetah print pyjamas.
Following: Meet Me at Mikes.
Noticing: how much my little brother has grown.
Knowing: everything from my science notes.
Thinking: that this list would be easier the second time. It isn't. 
Admiring: Emma Watson.
Sorting: my room.
Getting: ready for a ballet exam in five weeks, ah!
Bookmarking: my student diary.
Coveting: a pair of boots.
Disliking: adds on Tv.
Opening: new packets of plasticine for a Video Production animation. 
Giggling: at QI.
Snacking: on Nerds.
Helping: mum around the house.
Hearing:the construction site next door at SEVEN IN THE MORNING!

Such fun!
Leni xo 


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