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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Such fun!
Leni xo

The Maze Runner

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Monday, 25 January 2016


I have always loved reading so it makes sense that I started the new year with a new book series; The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I know I'm a bit behind the times but better late than never right? I was interested in reading the series after I found out one of my favourite actors, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, starred in the film adaptations. I went out and bought the three books; The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure (as well as The Kill Order) and the two movies. I then proceeded to read one book a day in the morning and then watch the movie in the afternoon. I really enjoyed reading and watching this series and want to share it. 

'Great, we're all bloody inspired'- Newt

The Maze Runner series is set in the future where the world has suffered devastation from Sun Flares and from this comes a fatal disease called the Flare. In this world a boy named Thomas is sent to the Glade, an area in the centre of a giant maze, with no memory of his life before that moment. He befriends (most of) the boys, or Gladers, who have been sent up before him also with no memory and together they try to escape the giant labyrinth. Without spoiling too much the next two books/movies follow the characters journey of what lies beyond the maze as they face WICKED (World In Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department). 

My favourite character of this series is Newt, second in command of the Gladers and one of Thomas's best friends. He is the voice of reason, the wise one and labeled (literally) the glue of the group. I like him because as a leader he listens to what everyone has to say and in return is respected by the Gladers. Even though he knows his place as second in command when the time comes to take control he does. I also love his sarcastic and direct manner.

Surprisingly one of the things I love about this story is how different the movies are to the books. This of course always happens when books get turned into movies or television series and I used to really hate it. Whenever I loved a book and found that certain lines, events or characters were missing from its film I would get very upset. I was unable to understand why the writers from Harry Potter didn't add anything about S.P.E.W in the Goblet of Fire (amongst many other things) or why the character Madge was taken out of The Hunger Games movies. Now as someone who aspires to be a film director I realise that movies are NOT books, they are an interpretation of a story which means changing things and I can fully appreciate the changes made to the story in these movies. The most important thing is that the feel and theme of the story is still there which is something I believe the Maze Runner movies have accomplished. The original stories ideas about friendship, loyalty, betrayal, sacrifice and fear have been successfully shown on a cinematic platform. 

I would recommend this series to teenagers/young adults and especially fans of The Hunger Games and the Divergent series. I also suggest reading the prequel to the books, The Kill Order, but only after reading the other three books. This is an adventurous series and I can't wait for the final movie.

'WICKED is good'
I hope to share another book I love soon.

Such fun!
Leni xo 


news update #2

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Friday, 18 December 2015


School has finished and with open arms I welcome the holidays. This means I have a lot more time on my hands and I have been very busy these past few days. To start of with I finally saw the last instalment of the Hunger Games- 'Mockingjay Part II' and to tell you the truth I wasn't fully satisfied with it. I felt like it was missing something but never the less I still enjoyed watching it. To celebrate the ending of another epic saga I have created some quote designs inspired by my recent exploration on Pinterest
(Feel free to follow me and Pin these)

I love both the Hunger Games books and movies and just like Harry Potter I know this will be a story we will continue to love for a very long time. 

In other news I have recently rediscovered a show I used to watch when I was younger- 'H2O Just Add Water'. It might not be the very best show but it brought back nice memories and I just love it. It is about mermaids and I think it's fair to say I'm a little bit obsessed. The past two days have been back to back episodes and embroidering a mermaid. I even learnt some new stitches such as the chain-stitch and the long and short stitch. This is only my first attempt and I'm not so sure about the colour choice of the hair but I hope you like my creation. 
The inspiration for the design came from a mermaid book I have called 'Mermaids Most Amazing' by Narelle Oliver. 

This is my favourite illustration from the book. 

As a lover of books I was very excited to buy two new ones this week. Both are by Katherine Rundell, The Wolf Wilder and Rooftoppers. I have only just started reading The Wolf Wilder but I'm already hooked and highly recommend you reading it. 

As reading is one of my many passions I think it is important that I share it so some other suggestions of what you should read these holidays is 'The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas' by John Boyne. The story follows a young German boy named Bruno and is set in Nazi Germany. This book does discuss some sensitive topics off World War Two but is an incredible and very moving story. If you are interested in a series I would recommend 'The Kane Chronicles' by Rick Riordan the author of the 'Percy Jackson' series. Unlike Percy Jackson these books look at the Egyptian gods and it is a very exciting read. As you can see I have a passion for history but I promise these books are NOT boring. 

Last but not least is my new interest in colouring. It is the latest thing going round and although I don't usually go for what everyone else is doing it is actually heaps of fun and very relaxing. The most exciting part is that my colouring book is the 'Harry Potter Colouring Book'. I LOVE Harry Potter so this is the absolute best thing ever.

I hope you like reading this post, I realise it is a bit long but I feel it has set me up for more post to come in the future and the direction I want this blog to go. Happy holidays and may the odds be ever in your favour. (hahaha)

Such fun!
Leni xo 


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Saturday, 5 December 2015


Only 19 days until Christmas, YAY!

I love this time of year and I'm very excited to share my Christmas will you over the next month. For me this time of year is all about family, the Michael Buble Christmas album, food and our handmade advent calendar. Traditionally the advent calendar always begins with putting up the Christmas tree and this Christmas I have my own in my room. Next is watching all three Santa Clause movies, writing letters to Santa and making Christmas cards. Today for the first time we are putting lights in our frangipani tree in front of our house.

Of course living in Australia means that Christmas isn't about snow and ugly jumpers (which I really want by the way), it's about going to the beach, escaping the heat and ugly Christmas pyjamas. 

Christmas is a time to spend with the people you love and enjoy being around and that is exactly how I will be spending my holidays. 

Such fun!
Leni xo

Taking Stock November

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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Just before we all start the countdown to Christmas I thought I would do a taking stock for November. Its been a busy few weeks but with all my test and assignments finally over I am glad to be blogging again. I even had time to go for a walk today with my mum and brothers and take these photos. I hope you enjoy reading this months taking stock, full credit to Pip from Meet Me At Mikes who's idea this is.

Making : felt bugs in my art class. 
Drinking : mineral water. 
Reading: The Hunger Games again before I see the final movie. I'm so excited!
Wanting: it to be the summer holidays. 
Looking:forward to watching Creed (a.k.a Rocky 7)
Playing: Alessia Cara's album Four Pink Walls. 
Deciding: what too buy my Secret Santa. 
Wishing: for cooler days. 
Enjoying: reading again, I've read six books in the last two weeks alone. 
Waiting: for Christmas, it can't come soon enough. 
Liking: Saturday nights, 'Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow' and 'Live At The Apollo' is on. 
Wondering: what to get my family and friends for Christmas. 
my 'tree of life' necklace I received for my birthday. 
Pondering:what to blog about next week. 
Considering: getting 
Buying: a new kikki.k weekly diary for next year. 
Watching: Blackadder Goes Forth, it's hilarious. 
Hoping: it won't rain this Christmas. 

Cringing: at a short horror movie we watched in my video production class.
Needing: new headphones. 
Questioning: why this is so difficult. 
Smelling: spaghetti before I even reach the front door.  
Wearing: my Harry Potter Gryffindor top, I love it so much. 
Following: no one recently, I'll need to change that. 
Noticing: that there is a lot of symmetry in the movie Cinderella. 
Knowing: I will have to eventually make my bed today. 
Thinking: about getting a haircut. 
Admiring: people who can braid hair. I've been trying to learn with little successes. 
Sorting:and cleaning out my desk as well as old school things. 
Getting: ready for my ballet concert. 
Bookmarking: websites to revisit. 
Coveting: a new watch, my old one stopped working ages ago. 
Disliking: going to the dentist. 
Opening: a bag of old tutu's at ballet, sadly they were all too small for me. 
Giggling: at a show my dad introduced me too, "Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em".
Feeling: relaxed. 
Snacking: on ice cream. 
Helping: my mum get ready for her market. 
Listening: to The Beatles again, its been a while. A Little Help From My Friends is playing as I write this its such a great song. 
Such fun!
Leni xo


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Saturday, 24 October 2015


This will definitely be the 'catch up' post as I seemed to have lost my blogging rhythm these past few weeks. It's good to be back. 

Firstly I am now officially 15 years old. YAY! The celebration of my birth into this world last week was very exciting; consisting of presents, cake and birthday messages written on windows , but to top it all off yesterday I was in the same room as Russell Brand. (Of course with another 6000 or so people but I tried not to think about that). With my dad and family friend we went and saw his comedy show 'Trew World Order'. 

Russell Brands combination of humour, intelligence and leather have made him one of my favourite comedians. I was so exciting to be able to go to see his show, it was hilarious and did not disappoint. 

I have also been on the search for new music to listen too and hit the jack pot after watching The Graham Norton Show. Gabrielle Aplin was performing her latest single 'Sweet Nothing' of her new album Light Up The Dark. Already being a fan of her music I got the album and fell in love with it immediately. She is such an amazing artist and I love how it is a different style from her previous album English Rain. I've been listening to her non stop and recommend everyone else do the same. 

It has been an eventful few weeks and with things to come I hope to be blogging again soon.

Such fun!
Leni xo 

les misérables

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Saturday, 19 September 2015


I have recently discovered musicals and I love them. Well I have only seen one so far, Les Miserables, but it was incredible and I look forward to seeing more. 

 I take music as an elective and was lucky enough to go on an excursion to the Capital Theatre so see Les Miserables. At first I was worried that I would not like it and find the sining too intense but I was wrong, I enjoyed every minuet of it. It is a wonderful story that was funny, romantic, sad and tragic. The singers were phenomenal but the staging is what I love. The way the sets seemed to just float on and off stage seamlessly in front of beautifully painted backgrounds really made the show even more enjoyable. 

The theatre itself was beautiful. The ceiling was covered in lights to look like the night sky and statues were placed all along the walls. It was an incredible experience and I hope to see another play or musical very soon.

Such fun!
Leni xo 

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